Smart Campus Club is an OFSTED registered childcare centre offering Childcare Services from 5 years and above.  Our head office is based in Hounslow East and as at July 2019 we also have our presence in Acton.  Our premises in Acton has a large playing field for sports as well as well equipped indoor facilities for sports and other fun activities.

Receive upto a 70-85% of your childcare services with the use of Childcare, Universal and Work Tax Credits.

Some of the services we provide are as below: 

Childcare Services

  • Dig Inn – Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Let’s Chat – Voice & Engage
  • Dance of Emotions – Debates or Discussions
  • Etiquettes – Fork & Knife or Fork & Spoon
  • Grey Matter Gym – Your Brain; Your Canvas Of Possibilities.
  • Laughter Comedy Clubs & Stress Busters
  • Chill Time – Reading, Story Time And Movie Clubs
  • Solve or Dissolve – Exploring Creative & Constructive Solutions
  • Get Moving – Move & Shake
  • Who’s boss? Children in Charge….!

Most of the above services can be FUNDED however terms & conditions apply. To find if you are eligible for this FUNDING and to book a Free Assessment contact Smart Campus Club.   Details are as follows:

Unit 1, 
694-712 London Road, 

(T): +44 (0)203 411 1130      
(W): www.SmartCampus.Study