Our Community

***Due to the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) we are currently not able to provide this service to our local community. We do hope and pray that things get better soon and until then we wish you all health and safety. ***

We maintain an open-door policy for our local community. To promote and support our local community and social cohesion we provide free room hire to the public, local charities, organisations, and communities. Our space has been used for various activities ranging from but not limiting to workshops, training, cultural activities, well-being and fun activities for children, adults, and families.

Some of the activities our premises have been used for by the local public for free are:
Cultural cohesion – Christmas / Halloween/ Easter/ Eid/ Vaisakhi/ Diwali parties open to all faiths
Chai and Coffee open days / evenings – when individuals can come and get together and socialise
Dance sessions for adults
Fashion show catwalk practice
Wellbeing dance and exercise sessions for children
Yoga sessions for adults and children
Safe heaven for children’s board games

Below are some pictures of the fun our locals get to at Smart Cam pus Club Ltd. Our rooms have also been provided for free to support a Hounslow Adult Community project and the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association.



If you wish to book a room space, host, or attend an event or activity then please do not hesitate to contact us to find out about upcoming events and activities.