SMART CAMPUS CLUB offers a wide variety of educational support programmes to children of primary and secondary ages. Tuition services are provided after school, weekends and during school holidays to students from ages 5 onwards. Smart Campus Club support your child’s learning at every stage of their learning journey. Our professional support will help your child with their schoolwork, build confidence and develop independent learning skills. Our study material is matched to the National Curriculum so you can be assured that the work we do with our students, complements the work they do in school. So whatever your child’s ability and whatever tuition they need, we can help.


Smart Campus Club English tutoring not only supports your child in developing their literacy skills such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also helps to give them the focus and self belief required to tackle their further areas of development. Each student has an individual programme tailored to their requirements. This system has been developed over several years; it practically addresses the specific difficulties of teaching English and is structured to deliver success and confidence.

The confidence your child will have in knowing they are well prepared for any exam they might sit, such as common entrance or SATs, will ensure they achieve their full potential. Additionally, as children move from primary to secondary education, the skills needed to succeed at school change and so this is also reflected in our teaching programmes.


Our mathematics courses focus on developing upon a sturdy foundation.

A free assessment is in place in order for each child’s individual ability to be accessed. 

Once a clear showing of progression is formed within a student, we will encourage them to take further levels of study according to their current skill cap.

The flexibility of study we provide will allow each and every student to progress at their own pace, boosting confidence and encouraging self-study in the process.

In Maths, we believe it is the right approach to first focus upon simple topics, from the very basics like counting to 100, to more complicated topics like statistics and ratio-proportions. We encourage independence in regards to our students work; developing their own numerical abilities without having to rely on calculators.

However, speaking of calculators; we also teach specific calculator skills when students have reached the necessary levels, for example: every learner will begin at their own pace and level that they are comfortable with in accordance with the national curriculum, thus allowing us to develop their confidence and academic ability at the same time.

Smart Campus recognises how important it is for children to understand why they are using certain methods of calculation. A strong understanding of each subject will lead to future mathematical achievement, even when struggling with complex mathematical problems.  Our exercises allow them to benefit from the sturdy foundation they have gained from past exercises.

Our tutors teach all levels from KS1 to A Levels.  We can help your child to confidently solve the mathematical problems from their expected criteria. Our teachers are well trained to identify the weakness from the children and help them to learn to tackle and solve the problems by using the correct strategy.\SMART CAMPUS CLUB will provide enough sample work to learn and know how to answer the mathematical questions.


Our team of high-quality tutors teach, monitor, safeguard and ensure rapid progress of every student. Moreover, our tutors are aware of being their student’s role models, to inspire them to be successful in their studies. We ensure our students develop and understand the fundamental concept of science through learning physics, chemistry and biology.